Mini Mulcher Axehead Weapon CAD Design

Super stable and powerful spinner design!

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Looking to help support Team Just 'Cuz Robotics? Designing a horizontal spinner combat bot? Then this page is for you!

This Axehead weapon was specially designed to alleviate the shortcomings of the 9-inch bar weapon by making it far less susceptible to polhode instability. With a more even weight distribution about the X and Y axes, this weapon is perfect for an oversized overhead or horizontal spinner!

This is a CAD model that can be used as-is or modified as you want. The current version has a 5/8-inch bore and a 1-inch diameter 6-screw bolt circle sized to be clearance for 6-32 screws. This weapon at full scale has a 7" effective diameter. Any of these features can be easily changed to your liking in Fusion 360 or your CAD package of choice. The whole thing can also be scaled up or down and made with any thickness to suit many weight classes.

The way I've designed it, this blade will be about 5.43 ounces or 154 grams if made from 3/16" (0.1875") AR500. If that's what you want, just do the following:

Just use a laser cutting service like Send Cut Send and select 0.187" thickness AR500 as the material for the weight and material properties shown. With their current pricing (as of 7/10/20) you can get two of these blades for just $30 with free shipping, including this $1 purchase!

This is a CAD model - not an actual weapon. To get one cut, you will need to convert the model into a DXF and send it out to a service like Send Cut Send, Oshcut, or similar. For help with that, see this quick tutorial video.

A digital download of a DXF featuring a pair of the blades at 100% scale is included with your purchase. This will reduce the cost somewhat compared to ordering two individual weapons.

Warning: combat robots are not toys! They are extremely dangerous. Click here for a safety video.

Testing a robot with an active spinning weapon should never be done while maintaining a line of sight with the robot. Ideally, you should be testing inside an enclosed box or arena with at least 1/4" thick polycarbonate windows or top to see through, and 1/2” or thicker plywood or MDF construction. Operation (Including testing) outside of a suitable arena or test box could cause serious injury. By purchasing this product you acknowledge that you are responsible for the safe use of this product and that Team Just ‘Cuz Robotics or its employees are not liable for any injuries or damages.

  • Fusion 360 Archive
  • Inventor 2009
  • Sketchup
  • IGES
  • SMT
  • STL, OBJ (3D Printer friendly)
  • DWG, DXF (AutoCAD 2D)
  • FBX

This design/item by Seth Schaffer is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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